10 Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners

10 Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Nail Arts

So many people admire nail art designs but are scared to do it on our own nails because we think that these nail art designs are very hard or complex to do ourselves, it need more patience and practice. So here we provided different types of nail art designs for you such that these designs are very easy and simple to do by yourselves.

These are the nail art designs for beginners:

1. Alternate The Colours

Nail Art

This type of nail art is very popular and very easy and simple to do. In this nail art each nail is painted with different color or alternate color such that it grabs the attention of every one.

2. Use Effect Polishes

Nail Art Polish

This type of nail art require different types of effective polishes like  Crackle effect, Croc effect, Magnetic effect, Colour changing polishes etc. such that you can make your nail art very quickly and simply by using this polishes.

3. Water Decals/Nail Stickers/Nail Wraps

Nail Art Sticker

This type of nail arts are very popular and are very useful for beginners. This type of nail arts contain Water decals, Nail stickers and full nail wraps. This type of nail arts are easily available in the market and instructions on hoe to apply are written on it .

4. Dotting Manicure

Dot Nail Art

If you want to make fancy nail designs, a dotting tool is a must for any nail art fan. While it’s possible to purchase one ready-made for the purpose, it’s also extremely simple and cheap (if not free) to make one of your own from items already available in the house.
Dots look simple and elegant. You can start by drawing dots on your nails to make flowers.

5. Stripes Nail Art Design

Stripes Nail Art Design

Stripes look very attractive on nails. New favorite beauty tool: nail striping tape. This ultra thin adhesive is basically to thank for the Bieber-esque explosion of nail art—it lets just about anyone achieve salon-quality precision with their at-home manicures. Case in point: striped nail art. Free handing such a defined design is near impossible, but with this tape handy, we’re seeing clean, minimal looks on just about every tricked out tip around.

6. Simple Flower Nail Art Design

Flower Nail Art

Flowers can be created by connecting the Dots mentioned above.

This type of nail art is very simple to do by ourselves. Just we need to join the dots as mentioned in the picture.

7. Animal Prints

Nail Art Animal

This type of nail art contains animal prints like zebra, lion…

This nail art looks very cute on your nails and this is very simple to do.

8. Rhinestones Nail Art

Rhinestones Nail Art

Rhinestones nail art is a type of nail art in which some bling is added to your nails such that It looks more pretty and this nail art gives you a party look.

9. Cartoon Nail Art Design

Cartoon Nail Art Design

Cartoon nail arts are very easy and very simple to do this type of nail arts look prettier. Use contrast colors for this type of nail art.

10. Newspaper Nail Art Design

Newspaper Nail Art Design

News paper nail art design is very easier that it looks it is very simple to do. Newspaper nails are so easy to do. No polish required (well…aside from a base color!) This is a perfect tutorial for someone just starting to do nail art! I’ve seen think look around the internet but hadn’t tried it and I was pleasantly surprised with how fast and easy it was. I haven’t tried it with magazines or pictures,

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