5 Top Most Hairstyles For Party

5 Top Most Hairstyles For Party


Hairstyles increase the beauty of women. Here the top most hairstyles will give you trendy and gorgeous look. So here we are providing the top most 5 hairstyle for you such that you can modify a little bit to look more casual and formal.

1. The Low Slung Bun Hairstyle

Low Slung Bun Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle is very useful for party wear, in this side swept bangs and slung bun is very neat. For this look you have to follow the below steps…

Initially you have to part your hair a side and clip it on either side of your head. By brushing the rest of your hair make a low ponytail and secure with hair tie. Then make this pony tail in to a bun by twisting it. Then secure this bun with pins and finish with hairspray.

2. Hair curls

Hair curls

This type of hairstyle suits for any one and in this style you more pretty.

This type of hairstyle can be made by following steps:

If you have fine hairs then apply some volumizing cream to it. Dry it by using barrel brush, and also create the curls by using large barrel tongs. By using the hairspray set the curls and teases it to separate the curls.

3. Sky High Bump

Sky High Bump Hairstyle

This type hairstyle is perfect for red carpet and this hairstyle has always been a style statement. To make this hairstyle follow the steps which are given below…

Initially make your hair with volume boost by applying volumizing cream. And dry it by blowing upwards. To give it a volume at the crown, divide the hair and backcomb it. With the rest of your hair create a hair bun

4. Pony With A puff

Pony With A puff

This is a simple and most attractive type of hairstyle. To make this style just follow the below steps:

Initially prepare your hair by applying volumizing cream to give volume and texture to the roots. Back comb the hair after drying. Backcomb a bit more such that it get extra volume. To create the puff comb the hair at the crown and secure it with pins and the rest of your hair is tied to create a high ponytail.

5. Pixie Look

Pixie Look Hairstyle

If you have short hairs don’t feel upset because short hair also rocks in the party. This type of haircut is very posh and you look prettier in this.

For the attraction of your hair just use some best hair products like shine products which gives you hair shine and texture.

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