Top 10 Trendy Gel Nail Polish Designs

Top 10 Trendy Gel Nail Polish Designs


Hello everyone, Girls love their nails! they love to do coloring to their nails with designs. Now a days nail art became a part of makeup. There are different types of nail arts with large  number of designs. They may get confused because of so many designs, in order to help you in reducing your confusion we are providing 10 trendy gel nail polish designs. These designs are very useful for daily purpose.

Here are the 10 trendy nail polish designs which are very simple and easy to do at your is less expensive and it does not require any saloon for doing.

1)  Dot Gel

2)  Gold Gel

3)  Black Gel

4)  Pink Gel

5)  Shade Gel

6)  smudge Gel

7) Disco Gel

8)  Blue Gel

9)  Star Gel

10)  Baby Gel


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