Top 3 Beautiful Easy Nail Designs

Top 3 Beautiful Easy Nail Designs

Nail Designs

Now a days nail arts got more craze. Women get more addicted to the nail art. So in order to fulfill your excitement about nail arts here we are providing the top most easy nail art designs.

The following are the nail designs:

1. Ella Nail Design

Ella Nail Design

This is a super cool nail design, which gives prettiness to your nails as well as it looks simply cute. This design requires three polishes, a base coating and top coating. A coating brush and a small brush is required for this design.

2. Water Lash Nail Design

Water Lash Nail Design

Water lash nail art is a type of nail design which looks prettier. It is perfect for a party, night out, or a beach party. It requires 5 types of polishes and brushes like coating brush, dotted brush, and a small brush. It is somewhat difficult to do but it is an amazing design with a flower on the third finger.

3. Zebra Nail Design

Zebra Nail Design

Zebra nail design is an amazing nail art. This can be easily done by yourself at your home. The colors which are used in this nail art are marvelous colors which give pretty look to your nails. In this three polishes are used, a base coating and a top coating is also used. Stones were also used in this nail design.

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