Top 7 Gel Nail Designs 2017

Top 7 Gel Nail Designs 2017

Gel Nail Designs 2017

Nail art plays a major role, it became a part of makeup. To make our nails beautiful ,we decorate our nails in many ways. There are different methods to decorate the nails. Now am going to describe one type of decorate method, which is called as gel nail design. This gel designs are of many, to help you selecting the designs, we are providing the top 7 gel nail designs.

Here are the following top 7 Gel nails for you:

1) Gel design 1

2) Gel design 2

3) Gel design 3

4) Gel design 4

5) Gel design 5

6) Gel design 6

7) Gel design 7

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