Overthinking. A Psychological disorder.

Thinking is a natural process that engages our mind almost all the time. It is an invaluable gift of nature if used properly. But, along with good thinking, another drawback that many people face is overthinking. Unfortunately, many of us have this deadly problem making our daily life routine incompatible.

”Through extensive research, Psychology Professor Susan Nolen-Hoeksema of the University of Michigan found that overthinking occurs mostly in young and middle-aged adults. 73% of ages of 25-35 year-olds are identifying as over-thinkers. There are also more women 57% than men 43% who tend to think too much.”

Consequences behind Overthinking

Usually, people tend to overthink only the bad stuff that didn’t go well. They create their own world of exaggerated thoughts. The human situation is such that a duration of half-hour can seem like an emotional curler coaster on some days fluctuating from one feeling to another. If you have ever suffered from overthinking, then it can be detrimentally affecting your body and mental health.

Man's mind is blasting with overthinking
Man’s mind is blasting with overthinking

Reasons for Overthinking

There can be many reasons for overthinking and they all vary from person to person. For instance, an intelligent, young and talented guy is pretty much confident to get selected in a job interview. He thinks himself most fitted candidate for that post. But suddenly, when he looks around at others, the slightest thought scares him what if he doesn’t get this job. He undervalues his abilities and considers other candidates more eligible for the job. He continuously thinks about something bad that has not happened yet. Eventually, his confidence shatters and he is not able to do his level best to acquire that job.

Some people overthink because their mind is occupied by several thoughts at a time and they are unable to prioritize different ideas. Some of them overthink because they are not much confident about the fruitful results of their hard work. Many of them are unable to accept the bitter reality of their failures. Although, they want to change the laborious circumstances of their life but they couldn’t find any loophole. That is a sign of losing control of your emotional self.

Effects on Mind and Body

Regardless of the causes and types of overthinking, but the effects are always adverse on the human body and mind. Not only, it slows down your performance, memory and learning, but also shrinks your brain. Such people are unable to concentrate on their work. Also, they suffer a loss in their decision making and problem-solving skills. They get upset over nothing all the time and react more strongly than is necessary. As a result, their determination and deliverance get enervated. Happiness does not allow such people to cherish their joyful moments. Most of the time their mind is loaded with different thoughts. If this disorder is not addressed properly, they may lead to an extreme kind of depression. Thus, daily life affects badly.

Overthinking not only affects our personality and mental abilities but, also makes it pathetic for us to comply with the environment around us. A state of disturbance in the mind due to prodigal thoughts causes it arduous for humans to adapt to the environment around them.

When thinking about life, one thing to always keep in mind is that regret, anxiety and negativity will only throw you in dark. Have faith in yourself.

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