Developed societies see many advancements and changes, some of which are pioneering, while others are based on trivial examples. An impractical paradigm of the present era is ”Look busy, do nothing”. The human temperament is never constant, but also subject to change. Some people live such a busy life that there is no opportunity for them to look around themselves. And some people just claim falsely to be busy most of the time. They try to give the world an impression of having a hectic routine all the time.

How do people fake work?

Let’s take an overview of some of the people around us who are busy proving the world they are leading the busiest life.

People make a dummy list of tasks, just to look busy
People make a dummy list of tasks, just to look busy
  • Send late-night emails, messages or make reminder calls showing that they were busy in the day time and did not get the time doing so.
  • Move faster while grabbing books in the armpit in office or at home giving the impression they are running short of time.
  • Take their meals while working and leave that half-eaten on their working table. Their room or office is timely messed-up with heaps of opened files, books and untied papers.
  • Hold long conversations on calls during the work and talk out loud. Always complaining to others that things are high and time is not available.
  • Keep an Apprehensive look most of the time and take deep sighs every now and then. When they are holding their head up, people think they are occupied by some dispute. But they may be planning something fun in their mind or thinking of ordering a fancy meal.
  • Never give favour to others when someone needs their assistance. They make a good escape from such situations and give an excuse for a relative’s illness or make an apology of going to work somewhere urgently.
  • Ask useless questions when they are given any task. They show their officials a constantly involved look by rumpling up files in the office, even though this is just an excuse to avoid workload.
  • Open their storeroom, cabinets and disperse lots of stuff all day long but do not bother to compile that litter.
  • Holding notepad everywhere and pinning crucial tasks. But in reality, they just doodle around.
  • Deceive to listen to someone carefully. Do weird drawings on paper during meetings or lectures, and constantly look in a certain direction with no purpose.

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