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Types of People on Social Media-Which one are you?

Social networking platforms are places where we can easily connect to different types of people with just a single click. Almost all of us are familiar with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are some people around us who cannot survive beyond using these social sites, while there are countless people who have nothing to do with social media life. Some of them are intellectuals, some just brag all the time, some are peeps….they all fall in different personality types. Let’s take a closer look at a few types of people on social media.

Types of People on Social Media-Which one are you?

1. The Peeps

It involves the kind of people who are not much active on social media themselves, but they know so much about the lives of others. They always have a track of others’ actions. Their job is simply to peep other people’s lives and nothing else. Apparently, such people show that they are away from social media life, so they don’t like photos, but whenever their friends post their photos or update status, they couldn’t resist without seeing their posts.

2. The Selfie takers

We all must have that type of people in our friend list who always keep on putting their selfies on social media platforms all the time. Such types of people on social media are always absorbed in their fantasy world. They love themselves so much that they only like to look at their own photos all the time. Whether they are at home, out of home, in office or traveling, but never forget to put their selfies on social media sites. Therefore, they look forward to getting more people to like and comment on their pictures.

3. The Braggers

In this case, there are people who feel that they must share and brag about everything on social media whether doing shopping, eating at a restaurant, watching a movie or driving a new car. Such people enjoy life later but brag on social media first.

4. The Travellers

Travel pictures are amazing stuff to see on social media and may inspire you to travel yourself. Such types of people on social media are the ones who get opportunities to take a tour of the various amazing places around the world and we have no choice but to see their pictures.

5. The Poor Complainers

Such people are either doing all the outdated poetry or lamenting the status quo, complaining about life all the time on their social media accounts. They have only the saddest aspects of life to show the world. These types of persons are usually found mostly on Facebook. The majority of such people are young boys and girls who often have a gloomy pseudonym with their names on facebook account.

6. The Influencers

These people constantly share informative posts, articles, useful tips or documentaries on their social media account. The knowledge and experience of these people are immense, and there’s a lot of informational stuff they keep sharing. They often will be seen in commenting on other’s articles and are always ready to defend the stuff they share if needed.

7. The Sharers

One of these people is definitely on our list of friends who keep sharing motivational and inspirational stuff on social media but they never act upon themselves. Such kind of people will never practice those wise quotes on their own life but continue to provide virtuous content to others.

8. The Jokesters

Such people constantly share a daily dose of laughter with their social media followers. Whether it’s a funny picture, a viral meme or a hilarious joke. They always come up with comic snap story or newsfeed due to their humor.

9. The Naysayers

Such types of people on social media are the most annoying kind of humans to be found in our friends’ list. Whenever we upload a picture or status related to our personal lives or any achievement on social media, they always tend to do negative commenting on our posts. Neither they are happy with their own lives, nor of others. But, they are envious of others by seeing them cheerful. Rather, they spoil the happiness of others by making negative comments. You may find them showing their jealousy in sugar-coated words. Sometimes, these types of people on social media never refrain from downright their resentment on your posts, no matter how irrelevant the matter is.

10. The most Boring ones

You will often think of the reasons why we made this type of people our friends. Whenever they come to social media they are always asking for some kind of advice about something creepy in their house. Even I have seen so many of them who put up the pictures of the most uninteresting and dull sort of items on social media without giving any caption. Sometimes they come up with the most tedious item on social media and get people’s opinions about it.

11. The Attention Seekers

These types of people on social media frequently check their news feed and are currently on social media until people respond to their posts or status. And the most interesting fact about them is when people comment on their posts, they respond too late, showing that they were not active on their social media accounts.

Now it’s up to you guys to decide which of these types you in your everyday life. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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