Vaping and E-Cigarettes Health Risks

Vaping and E-Cigarettes Health Risks

Vaping and e-cigarettes are battery-operated cigarette-like devices. But they do not use tobacco, rather a liquid that these devices turn into smoke. The purpose to introduce these cigarettes was to give people alternative devices of cigarettes. We are all aware of the harmful effects of cigarettes on our health, and they can increase cancer risks, along with other lung diseases.

Vaping and E-Cigarettes Health Risks

 The thing that causes our body to demand cigarettes is actually chemical nicotine contained within it. This chemical is unsafe for health but less dangerous than the rest of the chemicals. So people who want to quit cigarettes eat different things, including nicotine bubble gum, such as salsa and betel nut. But after vaping and e-cigarettes, people have started to take this nicotine in the form of smoke.

Early Scenario

Companies that initially manufactured these devices claimed that the use of their products could save them from the curse of cigarettes. But then these devices started to come up with various flavors of tobacco, including fruit, chocolate, beverages, and other food flavors. As a result, these cigarettes and devices became of interest to young people.

A few years ago a scandal of these devices also came out that their batteries were started to explode. But, both the manufacturers and users ignored that issue completely. Later, when the parents saw that their offspring were increasingly falling prey for this curse, they started a protest at the use of nicotine. Nicotine-free flavors started coming to the market after parents protested.

Potential Health Risks of Vaping and E-Cigarettes

The problem here is not just nicotine, but a long list of dangerous chemicals that these devices contain. Not only do these chemicals badly damage our lungs, but they also increase the risks of cancer and heart diseases like angina. In a country like Pakistan, it is very difficult to know which dangerous chemicals these devices contain and in what quantity.

In the case of the United States, when it came to the news that in a short time, four hundred and fifty people have been admitted to hospitals. They were suffering from lung diseases caused by vaping and e-cigarettes. The US state of Michigan immediately banned all cigarettes. Also, the State of New York is about to take action soon after President Trump has also stated that e-cigarettes are going to ban soon across the United States soon.

Chronic nicotine exposure may lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Although this risk may be offset by the well-known appetite suppressant effects of nicotine. Inhaled nicotine increases heart rate and blood pressure

Vaping & E-Cigarettes are dangerous for Young People

The young begin to become an addict at an early age and this is even more dangerous. For these reasons, the human brain does not completely form until the age of 21. As a result, the brain undergoes disruption. Pregnant women should strictly avoid vaping and e-cigarettes for these reasons. By the way, persons under the age of 18 can not use these devices. Unfortunately, their use has become very common among youth around the world.

 In the U.S. 25% of young people under the age of 18 admitted that they started using vape and e-cigarettes before the age of 18. It is important to know that the use of nicotine at such a young age increases depression and anxiety.

In Pakistan too, the use of such devices is increasing rapidly but the privileged youth use them as a fashion. It is a tragedy in our society that the younger generation is using such curses by hiding from the parents, nor does the government take any action by making timely legislation in this regard.

Sales of E-Cigarettes and Vape should be banned

It is not enough to just ban advertisements for cigarettes. Rather, the government should take immediate steps to prohibit the sales of vape and e-cigarettes across the country. We also have young people under the age of 18 who can buy cigarettes from outlets and no one asks them about it. Then you must have observed that most gentlemen send their young children to buy cigarette for them from shops.

E-cigarettes are readily available at shops in all major cities of Pakistan. And young people are using them seamlessly. Not only this but often, amateur teenagers use different devices to put videos on social media that inspire other young boys to use this curse.

 It is important to understand that not only nicotine use is harmful to human health but also. In fact, all e-cigarettes and vaporizers are also serious losses.

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