Who Conquers? Beauty or Brain?

One of the questions that often becomes a topic of debate is the Beauty or the Brain? But the first and foremost question that we have to ask ourselves is whether this comparison is correct?

Comparing beauty and brain, we get to see our everyday lives a lot better. Who doesn’t love beauty? Any purchase we make, first of all, is only visible in appearance. But, we cannot deny the significance o wisdom. Beauty alone cannot compete with other attributes.

Now let’s take a look at some of the truths of another side. Most situations are similar when we search for both beauty and intelligence together. When an employee looks for the job, the interviewer not only knows his or her intelligence but also his physical appearance that his personality is capable of dealing with people from different sectors and institutions or not?

If a product is visually appealing but its quality is not competent, its buyers will soon lose their interest. Likewise, when we first meet people, their personality and dress are we look at first as what kind of clothes this person is wearing. But if his inner personality is discreditable, and lacking knowledge and wisdom, we will soon be away from such people.

The famous saying is that the first impression is the last impression-but the one who is got beauty and the brain by nature is the luckiest person on earth. Another aspect is that beauty does not just mean physical appearance, but the beauty of moral and deeds, which is always long-lasting.

No human being can conquer the world because of outward attractiveness. But, because of his wisdom and knowledge, one can become a good leader.

Nowadays, the beauty obtained from plastic surgery is very common. Can such a person withstand an intellectual who has ordinary looks but possesses the mental capabilities of God?

It is the tragedy of Eastern society that when it comes to girls’ marriage, people mostly prefer only outward appearances and prettiness. There are so many examples around us that girls with average and physical appearance have to wait for suitable proposals till long. Even though they are extremely intelligent and well-educated.

We have numerous instances where we have seen mental abilities overcome. We still remember intelligent people even after hundreds of years for their great deeds. Such as great scientists: Newton, Einstein etc.

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