Why do people Brag about their Personal life on Social Media?

At present, we live in the internet age, where every person is connected with the whole world through the social media platform. People are having at least 2 to 3 social media accounts as it is a source of entertainment as well as information also. All of us know that most people use their social media accounts to Brag about their personal life. So they keep on uploading their daily life routine, their achievements and relationship status. But a question arises to our mind that ”Why do people Brag about their personal life on Social Media?” Let’s try to figure out some facts of our society so we can reach a point.


It is human nature that they want an appreciation for everything exceptional they do in their life. The praise and attention they get from others keep them motivated and energize them to move forward. Also, that admiration allows people to fill their life with colours they wish to gain good recognition from others which they don’t get in reality.

Share their Achievements

The second reason for bragging is that people want to share their Achievements within their social circle, that’s why they use social media platforms for this purpose. They think that they have achieved a lot more than the majority. There is no doubt in saying that a lot of them boast off just to make their opponents jealous of them.

Make a Phony Image of Them

As we all know that a person is connected with several people at the same time with social media and all of them might be from different parts of the world. Many of them barely know each other personally. People create a fantasy world in social media where they show themselves as someone else who owns stuff they wish to have in life. We cannot know a person’s nature through social media unless we know and meet them personally. Knowing someone through social media could be Deceptive because we want to show us as a person we wish to be or we think ourselves to be.

Some people always brag about their personal life on social media
Some people always brag about their personal life on social media

Show off their So-Called Happy Life

Some people talk big of themselves on social media in a very beautiful and in a deceptive manner. Although, they are not living that much fantastic and magical life as they are boasting off to others. In today’s life, the success of any relationship is measured by the number of photos someone uploads on Facebook or Instagram. People forget to enjoy those moments as they are busy in bragging on social media.

People Believe only what they see

Another important aspect to discuss is that people just believe what they see with their own eyes. They think that if they don’t show pictures on their social media accounts then how do people know that they have eaten so expensive food at any Five-star hotel, or they wore most expensive clothing of a famous Designer. Nowadays, people think it pivotal to update their WhatsApp, Instagram, and FaceBook status holding a cup of coffee wherever they go.


Everyone has a different mindset and a different approach to life. Some people like to share most of the moments publicly, while others want to keep it a low profile. Everyone has their own choices in life. We should not be judgmental about them too seriously. This debate has to end without any compelling reason. People should enjoy their precious moments in life first. The opportunity to showcase their life on social media may be available later, but those moments will never come back’

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